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Finding Beauty and Inspiration in Provence

Where do we go to find inspiration? Sometimes we find it in the everyday and sometimes we need to venture farther afield. We had the great joy to travel to Provence at the end of June, during the height of the lavender season. We expected to be amazed by the lavender fields and we were; we expected to come home with armfuls of essential oil, and we did. But we found so much more inspiration and we are filled to the brim with inspiration. The bread, the cheese, olives, melon, and the rosé….the ROSÉ!! Tres Magnifique!

We hope you will join us in September as we celebrate the inspiration of Provence. We will feature a special floral arrangement, products and wine from Provence….stay tuned for more…


lavender fields close up

Lavender fields near Roussillon

Shutters add pops of color on stone houses in the village of Gordes.

Courtyard of Abbaye de Senanque – a Cistercian abbey near the village of Gordes.

Laundry in Gordes

Drying laundry with a view in the village of Sault.

The village of Sault is surrounded by fields of lavender.

Star jasmine makes everything fragrant and beautiful.

Shopping in Aix-en-Provence – getting inspiration for our Soho shop.

The colors in Roussillon are especially vivid and beautiful.

Love in Provence

Can’t help but feeling the romance of Provence.

Photo credits: Christine Hall and Ashley Tinker ( @curiousprovence )

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